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Who we are
KeyDownload is led by online technology experts with years of experience in software application development and distribution. Already leaders in our field, we continue to move forward with leading technologies, always aiming to provide users with fun, efficient and user friendly experiences.
What we do
We create and distribute top applications and software with an emphasis on social networks and sharing.
Our research lab, experienced team, cutting-edge technology, and above all the dream and drive of providing quality solutions have allowed us to become global leaders in our field.
How we do it
With millions of users downloading our various products every month, we at KeyDownload continue to innovate and provide high-end software applications on a regular basis.
From mobile and social applications to desktop software, we develop, enhance, optimize and distribute leading widgets and apps around the world.
State-of-the-Art Installer Technology
KeyDownload's developments are based on a state-of-the-art installer designed by our technology experts.
Our sophisticated installer allows for a smoother installation process with more precise analytics data - providing both the user and software publisher with a better user experience.
Bringing PC and Mobile Together
KeyDownload provides users with all -in-one solutions that are user-friendly and efficient. These solutions include apps that connect the PC and mobile worlds, allowing users to download mobile apps from their PC, get notified of new apps that might interest them, and even see what their Facebook friends recommend.
It's All Social
All of KeyDownload's products take into account that today's online users thrive on social networks and sharing. We feature a wide range of products from file sharing to photo editing, all with social share features that allow users to share their work with their friends directly from within the desktop or mobile application.
Up-to-date Technology
As technology advances, so do we with applications not only for PC and mobile, but both combined creating a convenient and popular product that connects between the user's mobile device and personal computer.
We at KeyDownload understand every aspect of the online word, from the trends that are taking over the free download market, to the technological traits behind successful monetization.
The Team
KeyDownload consists of a team of expert marketers that know how to successfully leverage their knowledge and experience to distribute and monetize free products developed by our R&D team as well as products developed by our partners.
The Technology
The key to our success is our unique technology - a state-of-the-art installer developed in-house by our software engineers. Our installer allows for a better installation process, better insights and monitoring and overall monetization of free apps and software.
The Delivery
Our connections to media channels on various verticals boosts the distribution process and helps with better monetization of the product.
KeyDownload is constantly growing and we are always interested in finding partners, publishers and distributors alike to join our family. Contact us for more information on how we can grow and succeed together.

1 Yordei Hasira St.
Tel-Aviv, Israel

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